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Shock absorbing 5 mm
underlayment cushions falls

Balance and fall prevention: Older adults have higher fall rates; PT Turf will help cushion the fall. The enhanced uniformity of PT Turf eliminates tripping hazards for improved performance for the patient.

PT Turf Therapy

High resilience to reduce fatigue and injuries

Often time’s physical therapy is painful at best. With PT Turf, there is a higher level of comfort and support than with your standard flooring surface. Therapists and patients alike experience less pain and discomfort in their feet and joints with the added support and cushioning of PT Turf.

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Tough polyethylene surface yarn resist wear

Unlike carpet or bare flooring, PT Turf delivers excellent shock resistance, high durability and superior mechanical strength. Our yarns are some of the toughest in the business and are regularly tested for strength and durability.

PT Turf Gym

Mechanical strength supports the different styles of equipment

The strength of PT Turf is unmatched in the industry. The surface is strong and durable yet soft to the touch. It won’t snag or tear with standard equipment use and is designed with Physical Therapy in mind.

PT Turf Gym

Sound absorption benefit greatly reduces interior noise

The construction of PT Turf is conducive to an active atmosphere. Typical therapy is performed in a large room fill with patients and doctors, requiring a surface that will help absorb the activity and sound. With PT Turf, you are able to take the edge off of the conversations and noise created by equipment.

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Easy to clean and maintain

Synthetic fibers have good resistance to staining and also do not promote the growth of mold and mildew. However, it is important to realize they are only one part of a sophisticated system of various components designed for overall performance. Some cleaning agents safe for the face fibers can be harmful to other components of the turf system. So it is always recommended to reach out to your manufacturer if you are unsure.

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Easily retrofitted

No matter your current layout, synthetic turf can be adapted to fit the space. Our installers are equipped with years of experience and the best product for Physical Therapy. We have experience with transition strips allowing for the turf to transition to alternative flooring with relative ease. Whatever your need we can handle it.

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Dr. James Andrews

It is my pleasure to provide a professional endorsement for Controlled Products and the Controlled Products family. The Andrews Institute required a sturdy field that was both low maintenance and would uphold under rigorous physical training program.

The turf provides an excellent surface for all of our activities on campus. Specifically, physical therapy, NFL Combine training, and intense speed and agility drills. Both recovery patients as well as professional and collegial athletes who utilize the field for rehabilitation and training speak positively about their experience on the field.

Additionally, the customer service and support provided by the Controlled Products family has been “awesome” and a delight to work with. The field has been a wonderful addition to the Andrews Institute campus and I personally recommend other companies to utilize them for whatever turf requirements they have.

James R Andrews, MD
Orthopaedic Surgeon
Andrews Institute
Marcus Hutchinson

Our new Grass-Tex turf has been a homerun in our PT clinic! The soft, forgiving feel works great for our entire staff. There are no issues with friction or grabbing for our patients with assistive devices and our high level patients love the cushioned landing during plyos. The super cool royal blue color has been well received and it gives our clinic that “something extra” our community is looking for when choosing a rehab provider. We plan on adding dedicated agility drills painted on the surface for even more functionality! Kudos to the Grass-Tex install team for their quick, professional service.

Marcus Hutchinson MS, PT
Clinic Director
Advance Rehabilitation/Marietta

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